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The Many Paths Program is an initiative to inspire Indigenous children, youth and young adults – especially those living in remote communities in northwestern Ontario – to explore the many career and education opportunities that are available. We hope this site will encourage youth to identify how their own skills and interests will help them build a rewarding Career.

Many Paths features Indigenous people from a variety of education and career backgrounds, who are shaping the future for themselves, for younger generations, and for Canada as a whole. The participants in this project are selected based on perseverance and dedication each individual has shown in pursuing their goals and ambitions. They are people who have overcome obstacles and challenges in their path to success. They are individuals who have made mistakes, but have shown a willingness to grow and learn.


Many Paths celebrates the successes and achievements of Indigenous People from all walks of life, who continue to be resilient, and who have proven to be individuals that others can look up to.


This initiative was created by Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre and is supported by funding through the First Nation and Inuit Youth Employment Strategy.  


Organizations interested in partnering with Kwayaciiwin on this initiative can contact:


Brent Wesley       


The strings on the back of a hand drum represent the different paths a person has in their lives, each path will lead them to the same destination. ​


The individuals for this program have taken different paths to get to where they are today. They have come across different opportunities, supports, and challenges unique to them. Not everyone knew what their destination will be, but their journey taught them to be the well-rounded individuals they are now.

An early sketch of the logo concept

The Logo

Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre

Since 2002, Kwayaciiwin has worked with First Nation communities in the Sioux Lookout area to help students succeed academically by providing culturally appropriate resources and materials, and by supporting schools in areas such as literacy, numeracy, data collection, technology, and governance.


As First Nations asserted control of education and began to operate their own schools, Kwayaciiwin was formed as response to supporting those schools and to address academic gaps. We work with local education authorities, chiefs and councils, education directors, principals, teachers, and classroom assistants to support student success.


Anishinine/Anishinaabe language and culture remain at the heart of Kwayaciiwin’s work, rooted in the knowledge that students with a strong sense of identity and belonging will thrive academically and personally.


Services include coaching and mentoring of school staff, curriculum development, school success planning, learning assessments, student performance data collection, special education support, professional development, and assistance with information technology and management.

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